Summer FUN.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snuggles, thumbs and smiles

Lily is still at the age where you can snuggle her right under your chin and she fits in that little nook on your shoulder.  Robb and I cherish moments when she is getting sleepy and just wants to steal some time next to mommy or daddy.
 She found her thumb a few weeks back and since, there has been no turning back.  She self soothes very well and that is quite a milestone for us.  She can go to sleep now without any rocking, feeding or bouncing.
 That's our little peanut!  BIG smiles are the golden seal on our days!


  1. What a delight your little one is!!! I love seeing pictures of her, her smile is contagious.
    You can never get enough of the snuggling.
    Love you Nonni

  2. Oh, how I love those snuggle moments!! And the thumb sucking is so stinkin' adorable. Glad to hear she's learned to self soothe which means more rest for Mommy and Daddy.
    Way to go on keeping up with the blog while being so busy! I love being able to get my Lily fix.
    We love you all!!!
    A, E, N & B

  3. Precious. Love every single picture. And miss her terribly. (you guys too!)