Summer FUN.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jazzin' it up!

This summer has afforded us the opportunity to take in three weekly Jazz in the Park concerts ... and summer is not over yet!  We might hit a record number of attendances - with a 1-year old, that's saying a lot!!  Lily loves watching all of the people, doggies, bicycles, feeling the bark on "real" trees and trying to eat leaves, grass and berries.  She gets time with her cousins, which is a total bonus!  Grace and Lydia are so good to her and Lily just loves playing with them!!  Thank you, city of Denver, for continuing the Sunday evening Jazz in the Park concerts.  They have been the backdrop for many wonderful summer memories!


 Big kisses for mommy

 "I will take this spoon and I will make my great escape!"

 "The backdrop"

 Lily, in the park, with the spoon...

 Dan scores BIG points by peddling the girls around the lake in the scorching sun!!

 Time for a beverage stop

 Hi bear and Lily-girl!!

 Lydia scores some mommy snuggle time!

 This time, Lily digs on the ring toss game ... by herself.

 "Why isn't anyone listening to ME?!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Livin' Like a Fish

We have determined that our little bee is a water warrior!  She loves the pool and the chance to splish-splash!  It's the best way to keep cool during the heat of a CO summer!!

Baby steppin' her way into a love of water and the pool!!


"Can I play with you?"

"Not sure I am supposed to have this cup, but it's fun and it's yellow and I want to play with it so I am going to carry it around with me - in and out of the pool."

"Another FUN toy that I would like to play with.  Mom and Dad really need to get me some pool toys..."

"I have this really neat raft - check it out!"

"All done swimming - time for some bunny treats - do you want one?"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time for Dad

If you will, please take a step back in time; to Father's Day 2011.  Yes, I am almost a month behind on blogging.  Yikes.  This spring/summer has been tough.  Baby steps to getting caught up!!

Erin and Dan just bought a gorgeous new home in Stapleton.  For those of you who know Denver, it's pretty much an ideal neighborhood.  Maybe someday we could be their neighbors?! They hosted Father's Day this year and the photos below capture the fun of the day!  Thank you to our dads for all they do and all they are to us!!

Lily gets in on story time with all the girls.

Great Aunt Alice finds time to read to Lily ... can you tell that our child loves books?!

Daddy and Lily walking ... grass!  OOOOH - so much fun to get those blades between the toes!

"HIIIIIIIIII!!"  Lily and her cousin Taylor give a shout from the swing set.

Lily in her daddy's arms.

Mommy scores a BIG "Lily kiss" ... they're wet but worth it!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To the RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Is it possible that the 4th of July weekend has already flown past?!  Sure enough.  As all of our days do lately, these past few have quickly raced past us. 

Lily and her boyfriend, Jake had a ball (literally) celebrating the 4th!  The mama and papas had a pretty great time too!  We even managed to get a game of wiffle ball and kick ball in while all kids napped!  Not too shabby!!

"Jake, catch!"
"Catch me, if you can!"

"WEEEEEE!  This wiffle ball is so much fun!"
Lily and Jake learn how to share and how to pass the ball back and forth - big, important lessons going on! ;-)

Lily is showing everyone her "button" ... LOL!

AHHHH.  Daddy and his little princess.  We hope you all had an outstanding weekend!