Summer FUN.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My sister and my Jude

Two sisters. Two cousins. A lifetime of memories!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New toy

This photo captures two new toys.  One is Lily's; pretty obvious.  The other is mommy and daddy's.  We got a new lens for our camera that allows us to focus on a subject and have the background fuzzy.  Yeah.  How fun?!  As for Lily, she couldn't be happier about her new toy from auntie Erin.  A tried and true hand-me-up from Grace and Lydia.  We look forward to many memories created around this colorful play station!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

First of many

Flat Stanley. The project was our first glimpse of what's to come. As parents, Robb and I know there will be many nights ahead where we will be up late, helping Lily with school work.  The Flat Stanley project was really a breeze and we had fun writing the script for Lily's "presentation."  Two of the older kids who are learning to read helped Lily out.  I will try to post the YouTube video of the presentation.  SO cute.  Thank you uncle Danny, aunt Katy and Mr. McCall, for helping to make this project a success!  Next time, I promise to give more of a head's-up so that more of you can participate if you want...

Springtime FUN

Dear Blogger website,
Why are you the only site I know of that will not allow me to post vertical photos?  *sigh*

To all followers,
Thank you for bearing with me and turning your computer screen or cranking your necks to see the photos below. *smile*

A few weeks ago, Robb and I decided to bring out the bubbles and let Lily sit out on the deck.  The key word was sit.  Yeah.  Not so much anymore.  What were we thinking?  Lily has been crawling since the beginning of March.  She is more of a military crawler, but let me tell you - she gets where she wants to go ... and FAST.  LOL.  She started crawling off of the blanket and onto the very dirty deck ... oh dear.  Bye-bye clean, pink jacket.  Hello dirt.  (heehee) 

The bottom photo captures her first experience with bubbles.  She wasn't overly impressed but then again there was the dirty deck to explore - who would think of sitting still and waiting for daddy to blow bubbles??