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Friday, April 23, 2010

Showered with Love

Last Saturday, Bee and I were blessed to have been showered with love by family and friends!  Although he was not present at the baby shower, Robb got his own version when I got home - of course I had to fill him in on what new, fun things we now have for the baby.  Thanks to everyone who made the day and the celebration so special!  We love you all and truly are so blessed by all you have done and continue to do to make our journey toward parenthood so special!!

...oh by the way - she is now a honeydew! ;-)  Better get to the grocery store to refresh on what those look like...

Beautiful, wonderful smelling handmade sachets - favors courtesy of Mom Schwartz.
The cake masterpiece created by Mom Doerksen.
Jennifer and I pose for a pic.
Happy day!!
Still rockin' the heels...for as long as I can and mind you this is really rare these days! ;-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My baby, the squash?

For those ladies who are or have been pregnant, my little veggie tale might ring a bell..

Immediately upon finding out I was pregnant, I became a human sponge. Any little tid-bit someone would share or that I would read was like a gift from the heavens! I am like a child waiting for Christmas, as I await the weekly email updates that shed light on baby's growth and justify that what I am feeling and experiencing is not crazy, but indeed exactly what should be occurring - justification of crazy - gotta love it!! One of the features I especially enjoy is the "your baby is the size of a...." section. The size is typically compared to some sort of food - guess the writers know a pregnant woman's mind pretty well! For the past few weeks the email has used an eggplant to describe the size of baby Bee. How excited do you think I was to find that we have moved up to a squash?! I had to chuckle a few days later at the grocery store when I found myself totally engrossed in the produce section. I was staring down the eggplant and its larger friend, Mr. Squash. How is something that size in this belly? I am sure I had a few strange looks as passers-by noticed my fascination!

Robb and I had our birthing class this weekend. We opted for the express class, deciding that we wanted a brain dump vs. weeks of one hour there. It was informational and really did prepare us for what is to much as one can be "prepared" - right?! Highlights - 1) the "hands-on" portion where the husbands got to practice relaxation techniques on their partner...ahhhh - I looooove massage! 2) The tour of the hospital/labor and delivery wing - I think I am going to love the jet tubs as a laboring option!! 3) Not so much a good highlight but one none the less - after the tour 5 couples, us included, got stuck in an elevator - we nervously laughed that it was a good thing we had just practiced our relaxation breathing...! ;-) I think we can laugh about it now but at the time I know all of us ladies had one thing on our minds - getting that dang door open!!

A few Week 31 pics

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter - Our 30 Week Mark

Robb and I enjoyed a relaxing Easter weekend in the Colorado Springs area.  Saturday, we enjoyed our first hike of the season.  It was a perfect hike for a 30 week pregnant woman and the weather was great - albeit a bit on the windy side.

It wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt...the Wirth girls enjoyed searching the yard for eggs!

The "30-Week" pic of the Bee

Our first hike of the year - Cutler's Trail