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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My baby, the squash?

For those ladies who are or have been pregnant, my little veggie tale might ring a bell..

Immediately upon finding out I was pregnant, I became a human sponge. Any little tid-bit someone would share or that I would read was like a gift from the heavens! I am like a child waiting for Christmas, as I await the weekly email updates that shed light on baby's growth and justify that what I am feeling and experiencing is not crazy, but indeed exactly what should be occurring - justification of crazy - gotta love it!! One of the features I especially enjoy is the "your baby is the size of a...." section. The size is typically compared to some sort of food - guess the writers know a pregnant woman's mind pretty well! For the past few weeks the email has used an eggplant to describe the size of baby Bee. How excited do you think I was to find that we have moved up to a squash?! I had to chuckle a few days later at the grocery store when I found myself totally engrossed in the produce section. I was staring down the eggplant and its larger friend, Mr. Squash. How is something that size in this belly? I am sure I had a few strange looks as passers-by noticed my fascination!

Robb and I had our birthing class this weekend. We opted for the express class, deciding that we wanted a brain dump vs. weeks of one hour there. It was informational and really did prepare us for what is to much as one can be "prepared" - right?! Highlights - 1) the "hands-on" portion where the husbands got to practice relaxation techniques on their partner...ahhhh - I looooove massage! 2) The tour of the hospital/labor and delivery wing - I think I am going to love the jet tubs as a laboring option!! 3) Not so much a good highlight but one none the less - after the tour 5 couples, us included, got stuck in an elevator - we nervously laughed that it was a good thing we had just practiced our relaxation breathing...! ;-) I think we can laugh about it now but at the time I know all of us ladies had one thing on our minds - getting that dang door open!!

A few Week 31 pics


  1. You are so gorgeous! Pregnancy looks amazing on you!

  2. I agree! Bee does look good all wrapped up in her mommie as well!!
    Love you
    Mom D