Summer FUN.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Made just for her

First of all ... my apologizes for the photos below that appear sideways.  All of a sudden, any image that I upload that was originally take at an angle uploads funny and I have no option to rotate it...grrr.  If anyone reading this has any insight and can help me figure it out...much appreciated.  It just started happening to me this week.  In the meantime, crank your neck and you'll get the feel for how the photo should appear. (ha)

The towel that Lily is sporting below was made by my BBF, Sarah Ann's mother.  It has her name on the pocket and little bees all over on cute!  She loves it because it's a real-deal, big kids towel and not one of her little thin ones AND it has a hood.  It doesn't get much better.

Snuggles, thumbs and smiles

Lily is still at the age where you can snuggle her right under your chin and she fits in that little nook on your shoulder.  Robb and I cherish moments when she is getting sleepy and just wants to steal some time next to mommy or daddy.
 She found her thumb a few weeks back and since, there has been no turning back.  She self soothes very well and that is quite a milestone for us.  She can go to sleep now without any rocking, feeding or bouncing.
 That's our little peanut!  BIG smiles are the golden seal on our days!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is in the air. Time for a blog refresh.

Autumn made its way into our lives last week and with the change in seasons, I decided to refresh the blog.  This time, I'm refreshing to reflect fall, my very favorite season.  Ever since I was a child, I have loved the warm, sunny days followed by crisp, chilly nights.  Football, hot chocolate, hillsides ablaze with turning leaves and thoughts of family-filled holidays around the corner.  I love it; all of it!  I hope you are enjoying this season of your life, as well.  Be it warm, cold, sunny or cloudy ... it's the memories and the happiness in your heart that makes it amazing!!

 Lily celebrates fall by wearing her new knit hat.  It's totally adorable!  My sister-in-law's mother made it - - especially for "little bee" with a flower and bee on top!!

Every girl loves a little blue box!

It was priceless.  Last night I got the Tiffany's catalog from the mail and decided to share my viewing with Lily.  She started moving her hands and legs like a beached little lizard.  Her eyes got big and she began vocalizing, expressing excitement! 
 "I like that one, mommy."
 "Lily, look at all the pretty jewelry!  Someday you will be a big girl and get a little blue box too."
Totally intent on staring at the catalog!!  Robb and I had never seen her so excited.  It was a priceless moment that in the future may prove not so priceless...ha.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Days in the Life of the Little Bee

The days are flying by.  Our little girl is getting bigger every day and sharing new pieces of her personality with us.  I returned to work last week.  It was the most challenging day of my working life.  To leave my little sunshine was terribly difficult.  The following pictures capture "where she's at right now."  She truly lights up our world!  Robb and I can't wait to get done with work and spend time with her!!

...sleepy time, Lily??  Apparently no.

In the past month/month and a half, she does this every time we put her on her's like a mini ab crunch to show that she wants to get up!!  She usually keeps doing it until we either pick her up or help her to "calm down and relax" :-).

The first female pope??  Lily Catherine the First...nice ring to it, don't you think??

"Excuse me - are you talking to me?  Oh yeah, about this thing on my head ... it's totally the coolest!"

Such a big girl in mom and dad's bed...little peanut loves it!!

"Got Fest?!"

Mel-Sarah Fest kicked off last Friday when SA arrived in D-town.  It was a "fest 2.0" version, as now there is a new girl in the mix...Miss Lily!  We themed this fest "Got Fest?" and noted that it is brought to you by Mel, Sarah Ann AND Lily Bee!!!  Lily got tons of attention and kisses galore.  Fun, fun - as always!!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was beautiful here in Denver.  Weather couldn't have been better.  Robb, Lily and I hung out at Larry and Erin's place and BBQ'd.  Lily got her first real taste of the big kid's pool.  There was a shaded spot to sit and let her test out the water.  Our pool never has any shaded spots so it has not been possible to let her dangle her footsies.  The water was kind of chilly so, as you can imagine, her initial reaction was priceless!!

Adventures in the Sea

Lily loves her tummy time.  She doesn't last for hours or anything crazy like that, but for a good 15-20 minutes she will "play" with her friends! ;-)  The bright colors and unique, smooth, silky texture of the play mat all help make it a wonderful underwater experience for her!!

Lily sees her very favorite friend, Mr. Ollie the octopus.  Lily:  "Ollie, it's so good to see you again!"

Lily:  "What is this bug doing in my ocean?"

Back to staring and smiling at Ollie.  He came with the play mat, and I've gotta say - - he might be the best investment we've made thus far.  She LOVES him and will sit and stare and smile at him for quite awhile...longer than she'll sit and stare and smile at mom and dad anyway... ;-)  He travels with us everywhere as an attachment above her car seat.  Again - -proving that he is truly priceless sometimes!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Weekend of August - Really?!

These pics are from last weekend ... the last weekend in August.  I can't believe it.  Where in the world did the time go?  This summer has more than flown by ... with the birth of our little girl, the world has totally changed - - all for the better, but changed none the less.  She grows and changes with each new day and that is part of the miracle of new life. 

Lily, with Daddy, can't believe it's almost the end of summer either!
Lily with Papa D on his birthday.  We spent the evening celebrating Papa's day up in Fort Collins at Mikey and Meghan's place.
Cake time...
Lily has her first experience in her Bumbo.
Lily:  "What in the heck is this big, fun thing?"
"Are those my legs down there ... why are they separated?  Am I really sitting on my own??"
"I am, I am!  I'm a big girl - - that's what mommy and daddy keep saying anyway" :-)

Celebration of Baby Girl

The Jones girls has planned a baby shower for me before Lily arrived.  Due to bed rest orders, however, the shower had been postponed.  Last Friday, we had the gathering out at our house.  It was fantastic to see everyone and catch up!!  Lily loved all the open, willing arms that held her!

Juliana has the magic touch - Miss Bee is OUT!! :-)
Maria and Stephanie laid out an amazing spread and made the gathering super special!!
Me, Heather, Jennifer, Maria, Cara & Riley and Juliana - - thank you so much ladies!!
Auntie Maria puts Lily to sleep too...