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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was beautiful here in Denver.  Weather couldn't have been better.  Robb, Lily and I hung out at Larry and Erin's place and BBQ'd.  Lily got her first real taste of the big kid's pool.  There was a shaded spot to sit and let her test out the water.  Our pool never has any shaded spots so it has not been possible to let her dangle her footsies.  The water was kind of chilly so, as you can imagine, her initial reaction was priceless!!

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  1. Love all the new pics. She's getting so big. And I love the book that Sara is reading to her, its one of my favorites!
    But I think my favorite pic is the one at the end of Daddy giving her a kiss. I knew he would make an awesome dad!