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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre Christmas in Vail 2010

click on the image below to check out our weekend in Vail!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lily, meet solid food

Over the past two weeks, Miss Lily has slowly moved into solid foods.  We started her with rice cereal which although bland as it comes, in my opinion, she loved and gobbled up every last drop!
 "Give me that bowl!  I want to hold it ... can't I just tip it back and forgo the spoon altogether??"


Fast forwarding one week to last weekend up in Vail ... we introduce squash to her little taste buds and again, she seemed to love every spoonful! 
 The bib was a must for squash, as the orange color and runny texture is no match for Miss!!  Notice anything familiar to this blog (bib, bib)??

 Lily decides that using her fingers helps to suck down the squash ... very resourceful, this little one!  Our pediatrician said that she was pretty smart for thinking of her fingers as a way to get more down and less on the bib...we like to think so.

 "Get in my belly!"

 OK so maybe she did make one or two really funny faces... ;-)

All done and ALL messy!


How often do you get to see yourself on Skype (Heather and Jude)??  I had to post this picture because it made me smile.  We are so blessed to have family that, although separated by miles (some by countries) are dedicated to the important things in life and make conversations a priority.  To all you "Skypers" - we love you and appreciate your efforts!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big blues in the house

If Robb and I could make a living out of photographing our daughter, we'd be rolling in the dough!

 Sitting tall

 YUM.  This shirt is tasty!

 It looks like she's trying to talk here!

 She's flying on the floor.

 HI Lily!  Of course, she has to look and see everything that's going on.

Reaching out with a big smile.

Thanksgiving 2010 Part II

A few more Thanksgiving 2010 memories...

 Lily and Papa D tend the fire...oooooh so warm and toasty!  Perfect for sitting and telling stories.

Watch'ya lookin' at baby girl? With her teething toy in hand, nothing else really matters.

  Lily gives orders as Papa D works in his woodworking shop.  "That's looking great, Papa ... keep up the great work and your new table will be done in now time!"

Nonni found the perfect object to keep Lily busy for hours!  MMMMM - good stuff!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Part I

Get ready to crank your neck ... this dang blog photo function is not letting me load photos the way it normally does.  GRRRR.  OK, now that you're all as frustrated as I am ... have a look at part of our Thanksgiving celebration. 

 Pre-meal .... Lily is pondering all the talk of "eating till you're stuffed" ... "I do that every day," she thinks.

 Leaning in to listen to what we're saying ... that or she's about ready to fall over.

 Mr. Uncle Mikey

 Papa D lets Lily try out a big girl spoon...almost fits in that mouth of hers.

Standing tall on Nonni's lap.

A girl and her dress

 It's so fun to watch Lily play, smile, roll ... or even just lay there.  She is such a joy.

 Lily ponders the moment.

 Her smile melts our world.

Beautiful baby girl.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Time with grandma part III

This is the last series from our time with grandma.  Until we see you next ... we love you and grandpa very much!!

 Baby girl had so much lovin' ... mom and dad AND grandma.  She's a lucky girl.

 You can see her little hairs in the middle of her head in this shot.  She doesn't have too much yet, but it's trying and week to week Robb and I feel like there is more and more.  Will it have any curl to it - that's the question we ask... ;-)

 Lily plays with her shoes.  Grandma was helping her explore the fun of looking in the mirror.

 The big open fire pit at Southlands is the perfect spot to stop, warm up and feel the Christmas season coming to life!!

 One last cuddle session before we headed off to the airport.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time with grandma part II

Ah the changing table.  The scene of many conversations with Lily while changing/dressing.  It's like there is magic talking powder in that changing table because without fail she starts chatting away as soon as her head hits the pad.  So cute.

 Lily and her phoebe bird.

 Smiling at grandma.

Lily and grandma have some girl talk.

Time with grandma part I

Grandma Cathy came to visit us a few weeks ago.  She watched Lily all week, and I think it's fair to say that they both thoroughly enjoyed their bonding time.

 Lily is big into the "pick-me-up" arms.  Our hearts melt when those little arms go out!  "Pick me up, grandma.  Hold me."

 ...and the drool continues.  This is like four months of heavy drooling...where are those teeth??

 Hello my beautiful little big eyes!

 Lights, camera ... drool!

Grandma helps Lily stand up like a big girl.  She really prefers to be sitting, jumping or standing (with our help of course) over laying on a blanket.  Anything to get up and see everything that's going on!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The bed I love

Lily is 25 weeks old - the calendar proclaims 6 months this next Monday.  Either way, Lily is fast outgrowing her little bassinet bed.  She has spent a majority of the past six months at the foot of our bed.  Robb and I found it funny that she is so big that she can sit up in her bassinet...heehee.  She is ready for the crib and will be transitioning into it this week.  Bye-bye little bassinet!  You have been a great place to rest my little head. (says Lily)

Sugar and spice and everything nice

First things first - I have to fess up.  I have fallen behind in updates from the bear and bee.  It's that time of year; where the calendar has very few open days and the hustle and bustle causes the days to fly by.  Hold on folks.  I have a lot of updating to do.  I will do my best to space them out over the  next few days.  Enjoy.

If ever there was a doubt as to whether Lily is a girly baby, well let the following photos help you make up your mind.  Actually ... maybe it's more that mom loves dressing Lily in girly girl get-up (wink).
 All smiles


 All played out

 Lily's ready to party!

Pretty in PINK ... and black.  Outfit courtesy of DJ and Heidi.  Lily is all ready for Heidi's 40th birthday bash!!  She proceeded to eat/suck on her bows the entire night.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Park time

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I LOVE Wash Park ... and love it even more in the fall!  Although it's a trek to drive in just for a walk, it's worth the happiness that comes from seeing the big, beautiful trees with their autumn colors, the pond with it's water fowl and the happy outdoor folk that fill the paths!!

Me and the babes pose by a beautiful golden tree.

Woo-hoo!  Lily loves the brisk fall air!

"Dad, what are those birds doing?  Are they taking a bath?  Those funny little guys."