Summer FUN.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The bed I love

Lily is 25 weeks old - the calendar proclaims 6 months this next Monday.  Either way, Lily is fast outgrowing her little bassinet bed.  She has spent a majority of the past six months at the foot of our bed.  Robb and I found it funny that she is so big that she can sit up in her bassinet...heehee.  She is ready for the crib and will be transitioning into it this week.  Bye-bye little bassinet!  You have been a great place to rest my little head. (says Lily)


  1. Her smile is amazing! I love how much her eyes smile especially. Is she wearing a jean skirt? I think this is the best dressed almost 6 month old I have ever seen. Oh how I wish I could just squeeze her!

  2. Yepper, that's a jean skirt! That lil guy has been with her since she was about two months's been the best piece of clothing we've purchased to date. :-)

  3. Oh, my... she sits so well!
    Too darling, her little outfit and that SMILE!!
    I will always remember those eyes "peeking" up over the top of her bassinet! (-;