Summer FUN.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh yes she just did ...

Yep.  As if it weren't already a leading thought in our minds - it's captured on video and is official - Lily is such a big girl.  Robb and I were just talking last night about how she has become such a big, little person in the past few months.  When looking back at photos from one year ago, it's hardly possible to imagine all of the changes that have brought her to spelling and writing her name!  She is such a gem and we truly love every single day, as each is such a new adventure with her.  #lovebeingamommy

I have been trying to capture Lily spelling her name for quite some time now and finally last Friday - bingo - I turned off the volume on my video camera on my phone and tricked her! ;-)  She had no idea I was taping - that is the key.  She's pretty proud of herself each time she "writes her name" ... have a look!