Summer FUN.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shots of Little Miss

Grandma Cathy getting in some Lily time.
Grandpa has a new little bee!
Lily makes Nonni smile!!
Papa D in his glory.
Robb taking in his first Father's Day...
Lily sporting her new headband from DJ and Heidi - so cute...and they gave her an outfit that matches!!

Happy Birthday Robb!!!

Celebrating Robb's Birthday
Daddy spending some quality time with Lily at Nonni and Papa's.
Miss Lily is 3 weeks old
Lily meets her cousin Noah and he gives her some big love...and sings her a song or two - - very cute!!
Miss Lily manages to partake in everything that is going on!!

First Pool Day

...My very first visit to the pool!!

Man, the sun sure is bright!!!  The water looks nice Dad, but I think I am still too little to get in.
Miss Lydia is sporting her cute little two piece.  Someday I will get to wear one of those too!!
Miss Gracie is such a big girl with her fishy floaty toy ... I can't wait to play with the big girls!
The pool is exhausting!  Time for a nap!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Swimming Anyone??

Mom and I had all good intentions of heading to the pool today to hang out with Miss Erin, Miss Cassie and Miss Dina...unfortunately mom took too long to get us ready and everyone had left already by the time we wanted to head over.  I guess it might have been for the best as mom said the thermometer says 102 - - maybe a wee bit too hot for me at this point.  I will just have to rock my big girl swimming suit from inside! ;-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smile For the Camera

Check out Lily's Photo Session with Miss Sally:  Scroll down to see the post titled "Lily" - - the photos are amazing!!  Below is a behind the scene shot.  It was quite the shoot  -- Miss Lily did so well!!  We will be receiving more images soon and will show you all when we get them...

Lily gets familiar with Casa de Doerksen ... Home Sweet Home

Check out Miss Lily at home.  Notice that she is sleeping in basically every shot ... yep - - that's our little angle - such a good little girl.  She sleeps all the time.  We love to just sit and stare at her!! :-)
 I was quick to show Lily to her bassinet...

 ...she fits it well!! :-)

 We had to show her the "big girl bed" - she won't sleep in here for awhile but we just had to let her check it out and yep - she fell asleep right away. :-)

 Dad and Lily taking a cat nap.

 Lily loves her soft blanket from Miss Jennifer!!

 ...yep - this is a common sight - - just staring at her...

 She's awake - no way! ;-)

 ...kiss my hand, if you please... :-)

"I'm sooooooo big..."

Too cute all snuggled in the BIG bed - don't worry - she doesn't sleep in here ... it just made for a cute photo!!

This was priceless...we caught her "raising her hand" while sleeping!!  She had her little hand raised for about 5 minutes ... SO cute!!!  We called on her to "answer" but nope -- she kept that little hand up!! ;-)

Lily's First Visitors

Lily is blessed to have family and friends who love her and have taken time out of their busy schedules to come meet her.
Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz traveled 15 hours and arrived shortly after Lily was born.  She is their first grand baby ... soon to be joined by baby M...grandchild #2!! :-)

 Grandma Catherine - Lily is named after her.

Nonni holding her first granddaughter.

 Auntie Meghan

 Uncle Mikey

 Papa Doerksen loving on little Lily.

 Maria finally connects with Lily in person after 10 months of talking to her every day at work... :-)

Stephanie watching sleeping Lily.

Jennifer loving the little bundle.  

Mr. Andrew Radden... 

...and Joslyn

Little Evan meets Lily for her first play date.

Teresa visits and brings Lily her first piece of "bling" - - so cute!!!

Larry is a natural...getting ready for his little bundle arriving in October!! :-) 

Friday, June 11, 2010

The arrival of Lily Catherine Doerksen

June 6, 2010. The date will forever hold a huge spot in our heats, as it is the day our first baby girl was born. Lily Catherine Doerksen entered this world at 6 lbs 8 oz. She is 5 days old now and Robb and I literally could sit and stare at her all day. We are so in love. She is a perfect gift from God and we feel so blessed to have been chosen to guide her and raise her. Here is a brief journey via photos of what has happened in our world since Saturday. We love you all and look forward to sharing Lily's story.

Little did I know I was heading out on my last walk with baby in belly (6/5/10).  My water had started to leak earlier that morning but I didn't know that is what was happening yet...

After being told to come in and have a "check," it was determined that indeed my water had I sit, ready to start the labor journey...having NO idea what was in store for me....we won't be showing any of the labor shots - not so many smiles there... ;-)

...and the miracle has arrived!  Tears of pure joy!!!!

A few hours after giving birth...ALL SMILES - SO in love with Miss Lily!

Daddy is just as in love...

Sweet baby girl.

Lily's headed home...

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz had a wonderful welcome home for Lily!!
And the journey continues from home....