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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lily gets familiar with Casa de Doerksen ... Home Sweet Home

Check out Miss Lily at home.  Notice that she is sleeping in basically every shot ... yep - - that's our little angle - such a good little girl.  She sleeps all the time.  We love to just sit and stare at her!! :-)
 I was quick to show Lily to her bassinet...

 ...she fits it well!! :-)

 We had to show her the "big girl bed" - she won't sleep in here for awhile but we just had to let her check it out and yep - she fell asleep right away. :-)

 Dad and Lily taking a cat nap.

 Lily loves her soft blanket from Miss Jennifer!!

 ...yep - this is a common sight - - just staring at her...

 She's awake - no way! ;-)

 ...kiss my hand, if you please... :-)

"I'm sooooooo big..."

Too cute all snuggled in the BIG bed - don't worry - she doesn't sleep in here ... it just made for a cute photo!!

This was priceless...we caught her "raising her hand" while sleeping!!  She had her little hand raised for about 5 minutes ... SO cute!!!  We called on her to "answer" but nope -- she kept that little hand up!! ;-)

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  1. Thanks for posting these pics. It made my day to see them. The picture of her in the basinet with Miss Jennifer's blanket, seriously makes her look like a little doll.
    You have a beautiful daughter and I have a beautiful little niece.