Summer FUN.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip to 10,000 Lakes

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Our time in the land of 10,000

So alas, we are back in dry, HOT Denver, after our 5 day trip to MN.  We were blessed to be able to spend time with family and friends and albeit hot and pretty humid...we had an awesome time and built memories to last a lifetime!!! 
Below are a few "teasers" from the on the Picasa album to see all of the pics from our adventure!!

Wednesday after we arrived in Minneapolis, my aunt and uncle graciously hosted a dinner party for Robb, Lily and I.  My friend Janelle and her little girl Ella were among the guests.  Here Janelle gets to meet Miss Lily.

Thursday we headed for lake country with grandma.  Lily did "ok" in the car.  Her little buddy Ollie always brings a smile!
Grandpa gets some Lily time... does Grandma!! :-)
Heather and I enjoy the pleasure of talking about being new mommies and share in the joy of seeing our kiddos meet for the first time!!!  So neat to see these two little cousins that will be buddies forever!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lily's Second Date with Ryker

Lily and Ryker - 2 days separate these little babes.  They are the pride of our hearts!  Jess and I have so much fun with our little kiddos - - they are like two big dolls and in this series they are on their second little play date.  It was so fun taking these photos!  Jess and I laughed the whole time - so cute!
Lily:  "What the heck is going on?"
Ryker:  "Yeah, buddy - I've got a hottie next to me!"
Lily:  "Ryker, let's hold hands..."
Ryker:  "I'm not sure I'm a hand-holding man..."
Lily:  "Yes!  Hold my hand hunk."
Ryker:  "No means no."
Lily:  "Ok buddy, now this is crampin' my style!"
Ryker:  "...but I like you and I think I want to give you a hug."
...and alas they settled for footsie ;-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Face of a Child

We love staring at Lily and talking about her little features -- "this looks like you..." and "that feature is totally you."  The simple pleasures of being a parent.  I can't get enough of it!  Lily has her daddy's long eyelashes.  They are light but from the side you can really tell how long they are.  Lucky girl!!
Her big, wide eyes are just precious and every time I see them I smile and kiss on her soft little cheeks!

Only on a child would we say that chubby little cheeks and lips are "ADORABLE"!! :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Friends and Time with Mom and Dad

Lori came over last week with Talia and Sydney.  The girls could not get enough of holding Lily.  It was sooo cute!  One would finish and the other couldn't wait to get her turn to "hold baby Lily."  Below Talia is smiling big as she takes her turn.
Little Sydney isn't much bigger (heehee)...
Sydney giving Lily love.
Here is little Bee's sleeping position of choice.  She will NOT sleep on her back (painful because of the acid reflux) so we have decided to put her to sleep on her tummy.  As you can see, that means butt in the cute!
Lily and daddy at her first big car show.  It was a hot one but we had a nice time tooling about and looking at all the fancy old and new cars.
Lily and mommy
Little Chelsea cheetah-bear hangs out with Lily ... ;-)
It was the funniest thing to see Lily literally crank her neck so that she could see the TV ... what was on ... football - yeah buddy!  She's already a fan!
"my first flip flops"

A Video Message from Lily

Lily's showing you her new "wrist rattles."  :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adventures of head-holding and my new underwater play mat ...

It has been really fun to watch Lily grow over the past few weeks.  She has really changed a lot - her physical and cognitive abilities get stronger every day.  She is smiling a lot now and it just melts our hearts because they are such huge smiles.  My mom told me that she used to love it when she was feeding and all of a sudden I would stop and look up and smile.  Lily did that today and I wanted to cry, it was so cute and felt so great!  We love her to pieces and enjoy watching her little body achieve new milestones.  Below are the pictures of her first experience with her play mat.  It was so fun to watch her big eyes check out all of the colors and flashy attached toys!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a few from the past and onto the present...

A few weeks ago we tried Jazz in the Park again...Lily liked - - after eating, of course ;-)
Cousin Erin and little Lydia
...and she's out.
Bath Time!!
Robb and I just LOVE Lily's big eyes!  She is such a cutie when she is so wide awake.  Usually the wide awake is short lived and she eats and is ready for bed.  We seem to have turned a corner (crossing fingers) ... she has been sleeping for good 5+ hour stretches at night - thank you Dr. Mary for helping us get Lily on a schedule!!
Lily with daddy on her 2 month birthday...! :-)