Summer FUN.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a few from the past and onto the present...

A few weeks ago we tried Jazz in the Park again...Lily liked - - after eating, of course ;-)
Cousin Erin and little Lydia
...and she's out.
Bath Time!!
Robb and I just LOVE Lily's big eyes!  She is such a cutie when she is so wide awake.  Usually the wide awake is short lived and she eats and is ready for bed.  We seem to have turned a corner (crossing fingers) ... she has been sleeping for good 5+ hour stretches at night - thank you Dr. Mary for helping us get Lily on a schedule!!
Lily with daddy on her 2 month birthday...! :-)


  1. YEA!!! Glad to hear she's doing better!!! Praying that it continues to get better and better.
    We love and miss you guys!

  2. What a great smile on Momma in the "she's out" picture. The smile on Daddy's face in the 2 month picture is super! She is so cute with her bath towel hood. We love seeing how big she is getting, and her eyes just keep getting bigger as well.
    Love you