Summer FUN.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adventures of head-holding and my new underwater play mat ...

It has been really fun to watch Lily grow over the past few weeks.  She has really changed a lot - her physical and cognitive abilities get stronger every day.  She is smiling a lot now and it just melts our hearts because they are such huge smiles.  My mom told me that she used to love it when she was feeding and all of a sudden I would stop and look up and smile.  Lily did that today and I wanted to cry, it was so cute and felt so great!  We love her to pieces and enjoy watching her little body achieve new milestones.  Below are the pictures of her first experience with her play mat.  It was so fun to watch her big eyes check out all of the colors and flashy attached toys!


  1. Lily, you look like you are ready to go swimming with the fishes on your playmat, you are so strong holding your head up!! Love you Nonni

  2. What a big girl you are getting to be be Lily!!! Grandma can hardly wait to see you and hold you again!!! Looks like you are getting ready to crawl right off of your play mat!!! Are you smiling BIG for mommy and daddy yet?! Love you soooo much grandma Cathy ~