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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lily's Second Date with Ryker

Lily and Ryker - 2 days separate these little babes.  They are the pride of our hearts!  Jess and I have so much fun with our little kiddos - - they are like two big dolls and in this series they are on their second little play date.  It was so fun taking these photos!  Jess and I laughed the whole time - so cute!
Lily:  "What the heck is going on?"
Ryker:  "Yeah, buddy - I've got a hottie next to me!"
Lily:  "Ryker, let's hold hands..."
Ryker:  "I'm not sure I'm a hand-holding man..."
Lily:  "Yes!  Hold my hand hunk."
Ryker:  "No means no."
Lily:  "Ok buddy, now this is crampin' my style!"
Ryker:  "...but I like you and I think I want to give you a hug."
...and alas they settled for footsie ;-)

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