Summer FUN.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lily Bee is ONE!!!

I am SOOO horribly behind on photos. I apologize for ANOTHER album. There are just waaaay too many photos from Lily's birthday. Click on the image below and enjoy pics from her "day-of" birthday and her birthday party! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our first year as parents and Miss Lily Bee's very first birthday! We made memories to last forever!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maui 2011

Click on the image below to see our Maui memories!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Standing Tall

Little miss is standing tall these days!  These photos are from the mid/end of May.  Much has changed in the past few weeks.  Lily is close to walking on her own! She wants to move - ALL the time.  When she is being held, she just wiggles until we put her down to "walk" - - holding our hands, she practically runs!  We giggle, noting that she very well might run before she walks...heehee!!

Peek-a-boo between the rails.  The stair railings are her FAV!  It's like a standing version of monkey bars for her to "climb."

Lily sees it all from the patio door - dogs walking by, kids riding bike - she loves watching, seeing, learning...

Mother's Day Part II

Better late than never.  Right?!  Sorry for the (over a month) delay.  Life has been - you guessed it - BUSY.  With a recent trip to Hawaii, Lily's first birthday and mom and dad Schwartz's visit, the blog has not been top priority.  I've picked up where I left off and will attempt to get Hawaii and Lily's first birthday pictures posted over the next few days.

Mother's Day - sitting pretty over the water.

Little people = little, perfect feet!!

Ah yeah, Cheerios are the BEST!

Perfect little feet again...

Clapping, clapping - yeah!!!

Lily loves to dance with mommy and daddy!  She gets so excited that her tiny little body almost can't handle the excitement!!

FIRST taste of ice cream.  She more than liked; loved it!!