Summer FUN.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're so thankful

Thanksgiving was only one week ago and although it seems like weeks have passed, we would like to share a few of our favorite "thankful memories"...

Lily goofed around at Noni and Papa's on Wednesday.  She has a thing for the piano and put on quite the show.  She also found Noni's little flower buds (around the lamp) extremely fascinating.  While looking at them, she also discovered the chair arm shams...heehee!

Fun times on Thanksgiving day at Uncle Pete and Aunt Alice's.  Erin, Dan, Grace, Lydia, Michelle, Ryan, Taylor and Addie all came to play and eat!  The fantastic weather made for some pretty great outdoor play time.  The kiddos played hard and Lily enjoyed the hula hoop and took it upon herself to tote the two purple balls around the entire yard for close to 20 minutes.  Training for black Friday, or the best balancing act ever?!  You be the judge...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lily found her Halloween candy the other night.  She managed to take it all out and put it in what seemed to be little piles.  Her favorite item - not a piece of candy but a little glow stick.  Daddy activated it and we found that it brought the biggest smiles, little screams of joy and happiness.  Who could have known?  In true Robb fashion, my wonderful husband proceeded to order a 24 pack of glow sticks.  They arrived yesterday and now Lily won't let her new little stick out of sight.  It eats with her, plays with her - travels with her.  Last night I found her under her highchair with one of my baking bowls and her glow stick - appropriately placed in the bowl.  She was having a little party with her glowing friend!  Our little bee.  Everyday is a new day of fun adventures!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let the Christmas season begin!

Lily takes in the Christmas parade at Southlands Mall

I realize my posting this before Thanksgiving is against my gut beliefs - take one holiday at a time. Especially these awesome "end-of-the-year" holidays that I LOVE...however, I got soooo behind on the blog that I am now committed to staying current (at least trying to). So, having said that, I admit, we have already taken part in Christmas activities. Yep. Two, to be exact. We went to the "Christmas tree lighting" in Stapleton last Friday and then the Christmas kick-off parade and performances at Southlands on Saturday. The temperatures decided to take a huge dip-a-roo between the two nights, but both were fun and both left Robb and I with HUGE smiles, as Lily is actually "getting it" ... Christmas, that is. Being someone who literally can not express how much she loves the Christmas holiday, it could not make me happier!! "Santa" and "Christmas trees" have taken over the "baby" obsession. Lily has talked about Santa and Christmas trees all week long. Robb even googled images of Christmas trees so that she could see some, as we have yet to put ours up (trying to stand firm on Thanksgiving getting it's full time...). ;-)  Our neighbor, "Mr. Ken," has had all 400 of his Christmas decorations up for a few weeks now ... he is the tactful version of Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation.  Anyway, he has several Santa figures in his yard and Lily loves to walk down and see them!  Again, can you almost see my huge smile right now?!  As we celebrate the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I want to welcome you all (early) to my favorite holiday.......!!!

Lily stays warm with was COLD.  See those rosy cheeks?!

Cleaning kitty's nose

Lily has had a really stuffy, runny nose these past few weeks, hence seeing a whole lot of time with the blue bulb.  Apparently she is concerned about kitty's nose too.  She took it upon herself to help clean kitty's nose with the lovely blue bulb.  Little pumpkin doesn't miss a beat!

"Now come here, little kitty.  Let me help you."

 "Here we go.  This is how mommy and daddy do it."  Funny thing is that she is the one laying on the floor when we do it.  She is just working from the only angle she knows.

"Doesn't that feel so much better?!"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello family and friends of the Bear, Bee and little Bee.  I made two posts yesterday and both had photo albums which I am told folks were not able to access.  I changed the privacy setting in Picasa, so try it again, if you were having trouble.  It should be all fixed.  Crazy Picasa.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still catching up

Here you have it. Album #2 brings you up-to-date with, well literally, this week.

Click on the image below to start viewing.

Playing catch up

I am shocked that it has literally been over two months since I made a post to our blog! Life has been moving in the "faster than fast" lane and I can't seem to keep up. At this point, being so behind, the only way to catch up quickly is to do two photo album posts and then move on from there. I apologize for the delay. I have done some posting on Facebook, so please look for photos there too. Also, as a side note, we seem to have miss placed around 400 photos from early September - mid September, which means I don't have any photos to post of our time with Heather, Jon and Jude or of our time with Danny and Katy. I am so bummed. Literally disappeared.

Enjoy looking over the photos and reading the captions, as you travel through the past few months with Lily, Robb and I. She has changed a TON, as you will see.

Click on the image below to start the photo catch up.