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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're so thankful

Thanksgiving was only one week ago and although it seems like weeks have passed, we would like to share a few of our favorite "thankful memories"...

Lily goofed around at Noni and Papa's on Wednesday.  She has a thing for the piano and put on quite the show.  She also found Noni's little flower buds (around the lamp) extremely fascinating.  While looking at them, she also discovered the chair arm shams...heehee!

Fun times on Thanksgiving day at Uncle Pete and Aunt Alice's.  Erin, Dan, Grace, Lydia, Michelle, Ryan, Taylor and Addie all came to play and eat!  The fantastic weather made for some pretty great outdoor play time.  The kiddos played hard and Lily enjoyed the hula hoop and took it upon herself to tote the two purple balls around the entire yard for close to 20 minutes.  Training for black Friday, or the best balancing act ever?!  You be the judge...

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