Summer FUN.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Denver has had some good snow so far this winter.  Being from the Midwest, I secretly get giddy every time the ground turns white.  If you ask Robb, it actually might not be such a secret (wink).  I hope Lily grows up to enjoy the snow as much as mommy does.  I guess we will wait to see.  In the meantime, I can say this - she sure is particular about keeping her little snow boots clean!  As pictured below, every time she got snow on them, she stopped, bent over and cleaned all the snow off (on mommy's pants).  It was pretty dang cute, if I don't say so myself!

If you frequent our blog, you have gotten pretty familiar with "Kitty."  Kitty is one of Lily's favorite little buds.  She eats a snack with Lily below.  The adventures that Kitty is part of in any given day are yet another priceless part of our precious (almost) 18 month-old's world.

Winter is a great time to snuggle up and read a good book or magazine.  Lily happens to be very partial to a magazine these days.  Not just any magazine - a Target publication that is basically all advertisements.  She is obsessed with "babies" and this one happens to be specifically targeting needs for kiddos from birth to 24 months.  We "read" the magazine (again, it's basically all photos of goods) several times a day.  Crazy how she can be so interested in such a non-interesting piece. Kind of adorable!

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  1. Love checking in on the "latest and greatest" happenings in the life of "Miss Lily"!!!
    So priceless and adorable! Do not know if we will have snow for Lily and her cute little boots to walk about in?! Denver has this part of MN beat so far! ;-(
    Love Nana