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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let the Christmas season begin!

Lily takes in the Christmas parade at Southlands Mall

I realize my posting this before Thanksgiving is against my gut beliefs - take one holiday at a time. Especially these awesome "end-of-the-year" holidays that I LOVE...however, I got soooo behind on the blog that I am now committed to staying current (at least trying to). So, having said that, I admit, we have already taken part in Christmas activities. Yep. Two, to be exact. We went to the "Christmas tree lighting" in Stapleton last Friday and then the Christmas kick-off parade and performances at Southlands on Saturday. The temperatures decided to take a huge dip-a-roo between the two nights, but both were fun and both left Robb and I with HUGE smiles, as Lily is actually "getting it" ... Christmas, that is. Being someone who literally can not express how much she loves the Christmas holiday, it could not make me happier!! "Santa" and "Christmas trees" have taken over the "baby" obsession. Lily has talked about Santa and Christmas trees all week long. Robb even googled images of Christmas trees so that she could see some, as we have yet to put ours up (trying to stand firm on Thanksgiving getting it's full time...). ;-)  Our neighbor, "Mr. Ken," has had all 400 of his Christmas decorations up for a few weeks now ... he is the tactful version of Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation.  Anyway, he has several Santa figures in his yard and Lily loves to walk down and see them!  Again, can you almost see my huge smile right now?!  As we celebrate the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I want to welcome you all (early) to my favorite holiday.......!!!

Lily stays warm with was COLD.  See those rosy cheeks?!


  1. Those glasses make her look so big! I love the wonder and joy that Christmas brings to our kids:)
    And these pics make me miss you guys!!!

  2. Good news, Em - we will see you soon - in person and celebrate those joys of the Christmas season with our kiddos - can't wait!