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Monday, August 9, 2010

Friends and Time with Mom and Dad

Lori came over last week with Talia and Sydney.  The girls could not get enough of holding Lily.  It was sooo cute!  One would finish and the other couldn't wait to get her turn to "hold baby Lily."  Below Talia is smiling big as she takes her turn.
Little Sydney isn't much bigger (heehee)...
Sydney giving Lily love.
Here is little Bee's sleeping position of choice.  She will NOT sleep on her back (painful because of the acid reflux) so we have decided to put her to sleep on her tummy.  As you can see, that means butt in the cute!
Lily and daddy at her first big car show.  It was a hot one but we had a nice time tooling about and looking at all the fancy old and new cars.
Lily and mommy
Little Chelsea cheetah-bear hangs out with Lily ... ;-)
It was the funniest thing to see Lily literally crank her neck so that she could see the TV ... what was on ... football - yeah buddy!  She's already a fan!
"my first flip flops"

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