Summer FUN.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lily, meet solid food

Over the past two weeks, Miss Lily has slowly moved into solid foods.  We started her with rice cereal which although bland as it comes, in my opinion, she loved and gobbled up every last drop!
 "Give me that bowl!  I want to hold it ... can't I just tip it back and forgo the spoon altogether??"


Fast forwarding one week to last weekend up in Vail ... we introduce squash to her little taste buds and again, she seemed to love every spoonful! 
 The bib was a must for squash, as the orange color and runny texture is no match for Miss!!  Notice anything familiar to this blog (bib, bib)??

 Lily decides that using her fingers helps to suck down the squash ... very resourceful, this little one!  Our pediatrician said that she was pretty smart for thinking of her fingers as a way to get more down and less on the bib...we like to think so.

 "Get in my belly!"

 OK so maybe she did make one or two really funny faces... ;-)

All done and ALL messy!


  1. Aww, love that she is putting the bib to good use. Miss you Lily Bee! ~"Auntie" Sarah

  2. Savor the Moments... and it looks like you are!!
    Thanks for Sharing!!
    Grandpa Schwartz