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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Days in the Life of the Little Bee

The days are flying by.  Our little girl is getting bigger every day and sharing new pieces of her personality with us.  I returned to work last week.  It was the most challenging day of my working life.  To leave my little sunshine was terribly difficult.  The following pictures capture "where she's at right now."  She truly lights up our world!  Robb and I can't wait to get done with work and spend time with her!!

...sleepy time, Lily??  Apparently no.

In the past month/month and a half, she does this every time we put her on her's like a mini ab crunch to show that she wants to get up!!  She usually keeps doing it until we either pick her up or help her to "calm down and relax" :-).

The first female pope??  Lily Catherine the First...nice ring to it, don't you think??

"Excuse me - are you talking to me?  Oh yeah, about this thing on my head ... it's totally the coolest!"

Such a big girl in mom and dad's bed...little peanut loves it!!

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