Summer FUN.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Every girl loves a little blue box!

It was priceless.  Last night I got the Tiffany's catalog from the mail and decided to share my viewing with Lily.  She started moving her hands and legs like a beached little lizard.  Her eyes got big and she began vocalizing, expressing excitement! 
 "I like that one, mommy."
 "Lily, look at all the pretty jewelry!  Someday you will be a big girl and get a little blue box too."
Totally intent on staring at the catalog!!  Robb and I had never seen her so excited.  It was a priceless moment that in the future may prove not so priceless...ha.

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  1. Seeing you play with Lily brought tears to my eyes today. It is so great to see you guys with such a great family! I just am sad I can't make faces at my neice too. Miss you all!