Summer FUN.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jazzin' it up!

This summer has afforded us the opportunity to take in three weekly Jazz in the Park concerts ... and summer is not over yet!  We might hit a record number of attendances - with a 1-year old, that's saying a lot!!  Lily loves watching all of the people, doggies, bicycles, feeling the bark on "real" trees and trying to eat leaves, grass and berries.  She gets time with her cousins, which is a total bonus!  Grace and Lydia are so good to her and Lily just loves playing with them!!  Thank you, city of Denver, for continuing the Sunday evening Jazz in the Park concerts.  They have been the backdrop for many wonderful summer memories!


 Big kisses for mommy

 "I will take this spoon and I will make my great escape!"

 "The backdrop"

 Lily, in the park, with the spoon...

 Dan scores BIG points by peddling the girls around the lake in the scorching sun!!

 Time for a beverage stop

 Hi bear and Lily-girl!!

 Lydia scores some mommy snuggle time!

 This time, Lily digs on the ring toss game ... by herself.

 "Why isn't anyone listening to ME?!"

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  1. Your "Jazz in the Park" outings look delightful!
    Some of the "best" events in life are free! Yipee!!!
    Love Nana :-)