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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To the RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Is it possible that the 4th of July weekend has already flown past?!  Sure enough.  As all of our days do lately, these past few have quickly raced past us. 

Lily and her boyfriend, Jake had a ball (literally) celebrating the 4th!  The mama and papas had a pretty great time too!  We even managed to get a game of wiffle ball and kick ball in while all kids napped!  Not too shabby!!

"Jake, catch!"
"Catch me, if you can!"

"WEEEEEE!  This wiffle ball is so much fun!"
Lily and Jake learn how to share and how to pass the ball back and forth - big, important lessons going on! ;-)

Lily is showing everyone her "button" ... LOL!

AHHHH.  Daddy and his little princess.  We hope you all had an outstanding weekend!

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