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Monday, July 11, 2011

Time for Dad

If you will, please take a step back in time; to Father's Day 2011.  Yes, I am almost a month behind on blogging.  Yikes.  This spring/summer has been tough.  Baby steps to getting caught up!!

Erin and Dan just bought a gorgeous new home in Stapleton.  For those of you who know Denver, it's pretty much an ideal neighborhood.  Maybe someday we could be their neighbors?! They hosted Father's Day this year and the photos below capture the fun of the day!  Thank you to our dads for all they do and all they are to us!!

Lily gets in on story time with all the girls.

Great Aunt Alice finds time to read to Lily ... can you tell that our child loves books?!

Daddy and Lily walking ... grass!  OOOOH - so much fun to get those blades between the toes!

"HIIIIIIIIII!!"  Lily and her cousin Taylor give a shout from the swing set.

Lily in her daddy's arms.

Mommy scores a BIG "Lily kiss" ... they're wet but worth it!!!

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