Summer FUN.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The final days of summer

We spent the final weekend of September in Colorado Springs, hanging out with Nonni, Papa, uncle Mikey and auntie Meghan.  Lily got to see the big, real animals at the zoo.  She's too young yet to really get it.  None-the-less, her facial expressions told her story - - "WOW"! 

Little peanut is rocking her fishy dress.  This outfit was one of the firsts I bought after we found out we were having a girl.  Just goes to show that I had a lot to learn about seasons and sizing...I still do.  This little guy is still big on her, but with fall upon us, this was really her last shot at wearing it. 

 These little feet.  Where will they take her someday?  Precious.

 Nonni enjoys her time with baby girl.  Just a swingin' away on the porch swing.

 Uncle Mikey makes time to flex his big guns and hold Lily.

 Lily, meet giraffe.  She seems more interested in the little boy next to us.  She loves watching big kids. 

I think she sees the little critter.  You never know what exactly it is that is catching her eye.

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