Summer FUN.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Drool; essential to the process of popping out those pearly whites but man it's everywhere, making wet messes from her, to Robb and I and onto every burp cloth and blanket she encounters!  Lily has been a drooling machine for the past two months or so.  She wants everything in sight in her mouth.  She often gets her entire hand in her mouth - - yum, yum!!  We have learned to embrace drool and love it for what it represents ... a future full of beautiful, pearly smiles!

Busted.  "You caught me.  Yep, I have drool on my chin.  Could you grab the burp cloth mom?"

Chewing away.  Dang, if only adults could be that satisfied by gnawing on their own hand...
Hi sweet girl!

Woo-hoo!  Finally a pair of shoes that stayed on for longer than 1 minute!  I had to capture the rare moment.

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