Summer FUN.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lily and her bunny

When I was a little tyke, one of my favorite buddies was my little white bunny.  Polly.  She isn't very white anymore.  She saw lots of drool, love and adventures in her day.  Lily has her own little white bunny and it gives me such joy to watch her start to love her little stuffed toy.  A girl and her bunny ... let the adventures begin!
 "I see you, bunny ... you better play with me - or else!"

 "You like to be held by the ear, right??"

Kisses for her new friend!


  1. Looks like Lily knows just how to handle her very own "Bunny"!!! If she gets REALLY attached.... may have to get a 2nd for back-up in case it ever gets lost??!!
    xoxoxo Grandma Cathy ~

  2. Friends are special at any age. Bunny is just the right size to hide under the covers with Lily as she goes to sleep and needs a friend to talk to. I agree with the need for a "Bunny back-up" trade them around every week or so so that they have the same smell and feel. Also so that Bunny can take a bath once in a while and not be missed.
    Love you Miss Lily!! Nonni