Summer FUN.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Polka dots

Little girl looks so big from this shot.  She is growing by the day.  It was chilly enough this past weekend to put on the little polka dots, as we ventured out.

So much to see and all the better to do so on her tummy.

 Hi, hi!

 The little hoodie-head


  1. I love that you are keeping up so well on the blog! Way to go!!!
    She is so adorable and every picture makes me wish I could come give her some love!
    We love and miss you all!!!
    A, E, N & B

  2. Before you know it she is going to be crawling around. She is really growing and changing all the time. Love her eyes and smile! I agree with Emily, we just want to hold her and watch her discover new things.
    Love you, Nonni