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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

AZ. We went, saw, survived (the heat)!

Nothing says hot like a July day in Arizona. We took a trip with all of the Doerksen crew and coincidentally selected the hottest time of the year… Hundred degree temperatures combined with humidity makes for quite the combo.  Flying with two small kiddos is always a challenge but our girls did pretty well and loved seeing the sights of the desert, meeting their great grandma, seeing palm trees and swimming in the pool!

For the first time, Lily was actually a huge helper. She insisted on pushing her sister in the stroller through the airport, both leaving Denver, and returning. It was a hoot! We got many chuckles as we made our way through the crowds. It's kind of insane that we have to pack so much for only three days. I think Robb and I (or maybe just I 😉) need a class in consolidation when traveling…

This might be one of my very favorite photos from the trip! Great grandma sitting with her little great-grandchildren. So precious! She loved each and everyone of them so very much and it truly made her day(s) to have them near. She gave Molly the nickname dumpling… I tried not to take offense, as I know she was just having fun, but I guess she agreed that Molly is not under-nourished. LOL. 

Papa Doerksen enjoyed his time with the kids, as well. We have many photos capturing the joy in all of their eyes, as the kids climbed all over their papa!!

A good trip. We were left a bit exhausted, but that's what fun memories often do.

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