Summer FUN.

Monday, July 15, 2013

An app that will make the difference!

Here we are. If you used to look at this blog frequently or even remotely frequently, you'll appreciate that this is the first post in approximately eight months.  What I appreciate is 1) your dedication to standing by this blog and continuing to check in and 2) an app that's now available and seems to be convenient enough that I should be able to update this blog on the go wherever life takes the hive. 

So here's to catching up, staying connected, memories, and life in the hive… Brought to you by an iPhone app and a mom rededicated to making the effort! 


  1. YEsssssss! Welcome back. I've missed you. ;)

    Ps: what app are you using??

  2. I'm using an app called Blogger. I was getting so frustrated b/c I never had time to be at a computer to make a post. I know you can relate!! ;-)