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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas day

 Christmas day 2011.  We created many fond memories in the company of our family!  It was fun to experience Christmas through the eyes of children.  Noah and Breven were so excited and animated as they opened gifts and so thankful, as well.  Precious.  Lily kind of got it this year.  She enjoyed opening gifts - hers and other's.  She loved the visit from Emy and Aaron's friend's puppy.  The pure joy that came with seeing the dog and petting her was infectious!  "Hi doggy!"  She kept saying it and bending over as if to make sure to look the little pup in the eyes.  So stinking cute!!  She was fascinated by Christmas trees this year.  At home, she woke excited to see the tree and told it goodnight before bed!!  Each and every ornament was a new treasure in her little eyes.  Again, seeing things for the simple, pure joy that they are was priceless this Christmas season!!

And who's fab gingerbread house might this be?!  Yeah buddy!  It's the master work of team Robb (with some help here and there from his wifey).  The gingerbread build-off was a blast and made for some great memories and hearty laughs!  

Christmas dinner.  Lily and Breven are bibbed and ready to GO!

Noah is also ready ... ready to give us a show, I believe! :-)

 Christmas in IN - 2011.

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  1. Love, love, loved having you guys here for Christmas! Thanks for making the effort to be here. We love you guys!