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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas in IN

After returning from MN, we quickly repacked the bags and hit the road to spend Christmas in IN, with Auntie Emy, Uncle Aaron and cousins Noah and Breven.  Nonni and Papa were part of the trek, as we all piled into a ... wait for it, wait for it ... cop car (LOL) for the drive!  It was an adventure, to say the least.  Ask Papa and Robb how powerful they felt driving a cop car down the interstate! ;-)  Cars would literally pull to the right lane, thinking we were highway patrol, and then pass us, once they realized we were the Doerksen crew from CO...LOL!

Lily is situated with her babies and ready for the ride.  She did so well.  We really could not have asked for a better 18 month traveler!  She might have actually done better than pregnant mama!

All of the kids loved spending time with Nonni and Papa.  Lily also found time to play with all of the new toys at Emy's.  The kitchen was probably her very favorite! 

In deep thought/conversation over very cool Pinterest boards, tags, posts... 

Little Bee found a car and realized that dolls are not the only fun toy in this world.

Legos were a bit of a hit too.  Lily learned to diversify her playtime.  Impressive. :-)

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