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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Candid shots are best

It's always a treat to capture your child "in a moment."  Lily moves so quickly that it's rare to capture the little things that Robb and I giggle and smile about.  The photo below is a treat because it's one of those pictures that will forever represent a specific time in Lily's life and development.  She's so much fun right now!  I know I've said it before, but if I could bottle this stage up and save it forever, I would!!!

Here are a few things that this photo will remind Robb and I of:

1.  For Christmas (2011), Lily got her very first Veggie Tales DVD (thank you Auntie Emy *wink*)
2.  Multiple times a day, Lily brings us the remote and asks to watch Veggie Tales (and yes, folks, she says and then sings the Veggie Tales intro, while dancing around in a circle)
3.  Lily's attention span has expanded to include watching educational programing (for more than 30 seconds)
4.  Watching Veggie Tales means "covie-up" on the couch with every baby and critter she owns snuggled on her lap
5.  She tells Robb and I to "SIT" - she wants one of us right next to her (again - something I wish I could bottle up and bring back out at ...say age 16!!)

(apparently Veggie Tales has a scene that is too much for Kitty to watch - LOL!!)

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