Summer FUN.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A girl, making her way

Lily must have seen cousin, Jude's photos on Facebook.  That must have been it, right?  Why else would she want to have a cape too???  Lily found a second, and of course much better, use for the dish towel...a cape.  And a fine one, at that!  It was so cute to watch her walk round and round the center island with her little cape in tow!

Come on, cape, you can do it...stay up on my shoulders like a good little cape!

 Too bad this thing doesn't cover my tummy too...

And then there's the purse...what girl doesn't need to have a handbag with them at all times?!  Lily will carry her purse all around the house.  Typically she manages to find one other small item for her other hand/arm.  HMMMM.  Where does she get it from???

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