Summer FUN.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to my whimsical world of bees and trees!

Lily gives you a tour of her whimsical world of bees and trees - aka her room.  Come along...

"Come on in. Don't be shy. Welcome to my room. Mommy and daddy made this room special just for me. With the help of my auntie Katy and uncle Danny (I haven't gotten to meet them yet because they are in another country but mommy and daddy talk about them all the time ... they sound fun. I can't wait to meet them!), my room is a real reflection of ME - pink...I am a girl AND bees - that's ME too!!"

"That's me on the wall when I was just a baby ... I am a big girl now!  Mommy says I was so tiny and she can't believe I am almost eight months old already.  I am a good eater!"

 "There it is...MY tree!  My auntie Katy painted that tree just for me.  The branches are covered in beautiful flowers and if you look closely you will see how this tree is really special...there are little bees buzzing about in the branches!  Mommy and daddy say that they called me their little bee when I was still in mommy's belly."

 "Do you see them?  Do you see them?  My bees ... and their home - the hive!"

 "That's my changing table where mommy and daddy change my stinky pants ... Do you see my chandelier?  I love to look at the big hanging sparklies!  Mommy says every girl needs a chandelier.  It's so pretty.  Sometimes mommy and daddy lift me up to touch them.  I try to grab them but I am not big enough and they always move away from me when I reach out for them."

 "Buzz, buzz.  There go more of my bees."

"There are all of my special things.  Mommy says these are just to look at right now.  When I am a bigger girl I can play with them."

 "My name.  Should I ever forget who I am, I can look to my wall for guidance.  Mommy and daddy thought long and hard about which name was perfect for me.  Did you know that Lily means innocence, purity, beauty ... all of which they say I am."

"Thank you for stopping by.  I have more pictures to show you later ... please come again.  Hugs and kisses."


  1. Will Lily look forward to hearing mommy or daddy say,"now go to your room young lady"??
    It is quite a lovely space!!!
    Nana loves reading books to Lily in the comfy rocker there! (-;

  2. I think you made Lily's room better than any magazine that I've seen! I can't wait till I can play with my niece in her room with her!