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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010 Part II

  Christmas day was, well ... anything but white, that's for sure.  For this Wisco girl, it brought some sadness.  The joy of the day - stockings in the morning and gathering with family later on - reminded me that the ground doesn't have to be snowy for smiles on Christmas day ... I won't lie though...I continued to "dream of a white birthday" ....

Lily Bee with her Daddy and her stocking from Nana.  Of course, she had to look at, play with or read every new item - along with taste test it with a trip to her mouth!

 "Lily, feel -- it's very smooth.  Perfect for mommy and daddy to wipe messes off from."

 OK - wow.  Have you ever seen a (at that point) 6 month old so excited for a gift?!  She just wanted to get that ribbon in her mouth!

 "I can  help you mommy!!"

 Lily looks on as the ballerina on her very first jewelry box dances away.  It is priceless to wind that box up and watch her watching the little pink figurine dance to "Somewhere over the Rainbow."  She just smiles at it...and then proceeds to snatch it off of its little post!  ;-)  Thankfully, they made the box with little hands in mind.

 Christmas day OR Easter...take your guess.  One could certainly not judge the season/day by the weather!!

Me and my little BEE!!


  1. So sweet. I miss my little Lily so much it makes my heart ache. Love you guys!

  2. There is nothing like the Wonder of it ALL as viewed through the eyes of a our "Little Lily Bug"!!!
    Love,Love you guys!
    Nana (-;