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Friday, March 4, 2011

It's never too late to have a little Christmas joy...right?

Remember, I said I had some blogging to catch up on??  Well before we hit St. Patrick's Day, I figured I better get the Christmas memories up!! 

In late January, we finally found a date that worked for the Doerksen crew to gather to celebrate Christmas.  Better late than never...right??

Lily enjoyed tearing at the paper ... and trying to eat it (of course)!!

Papa D gets some lap time with Lily.


This photo doesn't capture all of the details of what was going on here.  Danny and Katy, being in South Korea, had sent over some "very interesting" little snackies for us all to try/share at the Christmas gathering.  One of the items was a can of ... well ... I think they were some sort of canned bugs!  I think Nonni had just tried one in this photo.  It was classic to watch the facial expressions after "indulging" ...LOL!

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