Summer FUN.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The days of this summer...

Lily has her first date with Mr. Ryker - - remember the shot of Jess and I "bumping bellies"??  Now the two little ones are part of this world and can be little buddies!!
Mr. Ryker in Lily's chair - - little guy is a few days younger than Lily but a solid little man.  He will be a black shirt for the Huskers!! ;-)
Daddy snuggle time.
Mommy snuggle time.
Noah and Breven are busy at "their work" - - so fun to watch these two play.
Mr. Noah!!
A walk to check out the tomato plants.
The tree that tells the story ...
..."whew!"  Long weekend...Lily is passed out.
The guys get a ride in.

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  1. Man.... I love your "Big Girl" jean skirt Lily!!!! I can't wait to hold you! We will have some grandma time! Right?!